Am, is, are

1. My father is a bank manager.

2. They are abusing me.

3. My friends are going to see a movie tonight.

4. My mother is a teacher.

5. My neighbours are very kind.

6. Cows are grazing the field.

7. The gardener are watering the plans.

8. I am a good boy.

9. Children are playing in the field.

10. Arul and Mayank are good friends.

11. My teacher is tall and beautiful.

12. We are going to the market.

13. It is very cold outside.

14. The fish is swiming in the pool.

15. They are reading books.

16. Nisha and Anisha are singing songs.

17. The principal is sitting in his office.

18. How old are you?

19. I am six years old.

20. There are 12 months in a year.

21. There are a window on the wall.

22. You are very smart.

23. Where are she going.

24. What are you doing.

25. How are you mother now?

26. When are they coming home?

27. I am late to school.

28. Those crayons are yours.

29. That is my school.

30. These are my notebooks.

31. That ball is mine.

32. Your clothes are very colorful.

33. There are many flowers in the garden.

34. The cat is feeding its kittins.

35. Meny people are sitting in the room.

36. Women are dancing.

37. Men are watching television.

38. Players are in the field.

39. My mother is in the kitchen.

40. My parents are not at home.

41. My younger sister is crying.

42. I am feeling tired.

43. Your mobile phone is ringing.

44. Where are they playing.

45. They are playing in the field.

46. We are good friends.

47. I am a good student.

48. These crayons are mine.

49. They are my cousins.

50. These toys are yours.

51. it is a very good book.

52. It is raining heavily.

53. Where are your parents?

54. They are in office.

55. Are you hungry?

56. No, I am not hungry.

57. Is he your brother?

58. No, he is my best friend.

59. Where are my books?

60. Your books are in your bag.

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